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  Manage Windows 10 Search Indexing

Find out how to ease the load on your Windows 10 PC if Windows Search Indexing is causing a high load and performance issues on it regularly.

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  How Apple iCloud works (and what to do when it doe...

Apple’s cloud-based storage, backup and syncing service is the glue that connects iOS and macOS and makes everything work seamlessly. For those times when problems arise, we have the answers on how to fix things.

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  How to use Emergency Restart to reboot a frozen PC...

The next time you’re confronted with a frozen PC, give the Emergency Restart procedure a try. Here’s how:

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  How to disable the ads on your Windows 10 Lock Scr...

If your PC is running Windows 10 you might have noticed advertisements being displayed on your Lock Screen.

Microsoft has started running these ads as a way of making a few extra bucks to help replace the millions of dollars they are forfeiting by making Windows 10 free for the first year.

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  How to quickly save any web page as a PDF document...

With just a few mouse clicks you can quickly save the current web page right to your hard drive as a PDF file. Here’s how:

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  How to Hide Menu Bar Icons on Mac with Vanilla

If your Mac menu bar is looking increasingly cluttered with various menu bar icons, you may be interested in a nice little free utility called Vanilla. Vanilla allows you to hide Mac menu bar icons by placing them into a collapsible and expandable shelf of sorts contained within the menu bar.

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  Acer Aspire E 15 review: An incredible value

Anyone who€™s researched sub-$500 laptops in recent months will know the Acer Aspire E 15. For a while now, the E5-575-33BM model has maintained its status as a best-selling laptop on Amazon. In fact, it€™s often been the top seller.

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  A Year Later, You Can Still Upgrade to Windows 10 ...

Although Microsoft concluded its free Windows 10 upgrade program on July 29, 2016, the company has yet to close some of the loopholes that it originally opened for folks running Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. If you thought about taking advantage of the launch promotion but never got around to it, there's st... Show More
  Mint 18.2 Still the best Linux desktop

Want a better operating system than Windows 10? Want a great Linux desktop? Then Linux Mint 18.2 is for you.

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  Dumping Windows and installing Linux Mint, in just...

The first step is to download the latest Linux Mint installation image, from the Download Linux Mint page. Because this is a netbook (read as: slow CPU and limited memory), I chose to install the Mint Xfce version. However, the actual installation time for any of the Mint versions (Cinnamon, MATE, K... Show More
  Kaspersky Free Antivirus worldwide roll out begins...

Kaspersky announced the worldwide rollout of Kaspersky Free, a free limited version of Kaspersky Internet Security, yesterday.

We reviewed the initial version of Kaspersky Free back in 2016 when Kaspersky began to distribute it in selection regions. While the security program was released only in... Show More
  Windows 10 Version 1703 KB4032188 Cumulative Updat...

Microsoft released KB4032188 today, a new cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1703, the Creators Update version of the Windows 10 operating system.

The cumulative update is already distributed through Windows Update, and also available as a standalone download at the Microsoft Update Catalog... Show More

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Tue, 31 May 2011 - How can I quickly increase or decrease the font size on a web page?


This depends on the browser you are using. Holding the Windows key and moving the mouse wheel can quickly resize a page. See also

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My chromebook is stuck on a "please wait" window when I turn it on.


Google offer a suggestion to this problem at!msg/chromebook- central/vd6cC6m3gfs/F_FKqPAxsYcJ if this does not help post a question on our site and one of our techs will work with you towards a solution


How do you reset the password for the Att 4g hotspot?


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