The Download Center... by Ninite® "Install and Update All Your Programs at Once" has partnered with Ninite® to make SAFE Virus free downloads available to our Clients. Here you'll find a collection of free programs recommended by our Technicians. Scroll down within the window below to see the various programs available.

TO USE: You can download and install one or more of these programs. Simply place a checkmark in the box next to program name, scroll down, and click the "Get Your Ninite" button. Once pressed, your selected program(s) will download and install onto your C: drive. The process is entirely automatic and there is nothing more to do.

If you would like to suggest an app to be included in this list, please visit Ninite and click the "Show suggestion form" link near the bottom left of the page. Any feedback should also be addressed to Ninite at that link.The programs listed below are for Windows only. Linux users Click Here for more information.

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Files contained here are supplied "AS IS". We list them here for your convenience and are not aware of any problems. HOWEVER none of the files are supported by or by Ninite, and are used at your own risk!!