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Our Client-base is constantly growing - but as we get more and more questions from more and more Clients, we are always in need of new Technicians to help us answer them. Helping is very rewarding.

If you get satisfaction from helping out other computer users, or just want to advance your own computer knowledge by tackling real-life problems, then why not consider joining our team!

Why volunteer at

  • We're all volunteers. No-one makes any money out of

  • Your computer knowledge will improve greatly. As you discover new solutions to problems you deal with every day, and as you research problems you'd never even encountered before you will learn even more. The experience can help you if you are interested in getting a promotion into the technical support side of your job.

  • Because you're a volunteer there's no obligation to do any minimum work on the site. Answer as many or as few questions each day as you desire. It's entirely up to you.

  • We are constantly improving both the Client and Technician experience. As we grow we add new features to help you answer questions more efficiently. We genuinely care that maintains a high level of quality and service.

  • The gratitude you receive from happy Clients. If you get a kick out of helping people and genuinely enjoy putting your computer knowledge to a good use, then become a Technician!

  • We provide you with a E-Mail address to communicate with users if they require further assistance after your initial answers.

  • You will be amongst other like-minded Technicians - and can discuss your own technical problems with hundreds of other knowledgeable computer experts.

To become a Technician, we ask that you first take a short test. If your follow the directions and provide clear, helpful, thorough, and knowledgeable answers your application will be approved. We are particularly interested in the way you assess the Clients' problems, thoughtfully produce a response, and generally make the Client feel comfortable with your support.