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Account Related

  How do I set up a account?

Creating A Account.
  1. Click "Create An Account".
  2. Click "Register" a new account and then type your first and last name.
  3. After reading the information about spam filters, type your E-Mail address.
  4. Click the drop down menu and choose your general knowledge of computers.
  5. If you would like our newsletter, place a check in the box next to "Get publications".
  6. Type your username and password.
    1. Retype your password to verify.
  7. Click "Register" and an account will be created for you.

  How do I ADD a NEW computer to my account?

Login to your account. 
  1. Once logged in under "HOME" select "Add a Computer to My Account".
  2. On the ensuing page "Add Computer..." give your computer a name. This is REQUIRED as are all other items with a star "  " in front of them.
  3. Fill in as many of the other items as you can. The more we know about your computer the better we can help.
  4. Remember... You can Mouseover any blue question mark "  " for more help on an item.
Once you have completed the form to the best of your ability press "ADD THIS COMPUTER" and you are all set.

  How do I change my account details?

  1. Go to and login with your username and password.
  2. Click "Edit My Account", from the menu on the bottom of the page:
    ...... Direct link: ......This is where you can change your name, password, and E-Mail address.
  3. Click "Save" once you've made amendments to your account 
All open tickets on your account will be updated instantly as of when you change your details. You may therefore be asked to login again.

NOTE: Your personal information is stored in a database only accessed by the administration of We take data protection very seriously and always keep it confidential at all times.

Privacy Policy

  How do I change my website preferences?

Please follow the steps below to change your website preferences.
  1. Go to and login with your username and password.
  2. Click "Change Site Preferences" from the menu on the bottom of the page
    ...... Direct link
    1. Here you will be able to explorer the following options below:
    • Default First Page - Select a default page to be viewed every time you login to your account.
    • Remember Login Details: You'll only have to enter your password and everything else is done for you.
    • Automatic Login: Click on your favourites, click "Login", and your already here in seconds. Note: Requires "Remember Login Details" to be ticked too.
  3. Click "Save" once you made your amendments

  How do I change my E-Mail address?

Please follow the steps below to change your account details.
  1. Go to and login with your username and password and OLD E-Mail addrrss.
  2. Click "Edit My Account", from the menu on the bottom of the page:
    ..... Direct link: .
    1. If you are not logged in you will be asked to do so and be then sent to the proper page
  3. In the E-Mail area your old E-Mail should be shown.
    1. Type in the new E-Mail address.
  4. Click "Save" once you've made amendments to your account

    All open tickets on your account will be instantly updated to the new E-Mail address. (You may be asked to login again.)
NOTE: Your personal information is stored in a database only accessed by the administration of We take data protection very seriously and always keep it confidential at all times.

Privacy Policy

  I shut off "Mouseover Help" but I still see it.

When you disable Mouseover Help it is turned off for MOST of the site. However, you will still see it on some pages where our coders (in their infinite wisdom) have deemed it useful to show it anyway.
  The fonts on are too small for me to read your website easily. What can I do?

The easiest way to make the fonts easier to read is to use a few quick keyboard shortcuts.

This method works in all browsers
  • To zoom in, increasing the size, press and hold Ctrl while pressing +
  • To zoom out, decreasing the size, press and hold Ctrl while pressing -
  • To reset size back to normal, press and hold Ctrl while pressing 0.
NOTE: The above is the preferred way to do it since it proportionally resizes all elements of a page. 

Another way to do this on the site ONLY is to go to the " HOME " menu and select " My Site Preferences ". On that page under " Spelling, Display, & Layout " select the " Font Size " from there. This will change the font size on only.

Question (Ticket) Related

  How long does it usually take to get my question answered?

The length of time it takes us to respond to a Ticket (i.e., a problem or question) is dependent upon a number of factors. Included are such things as:
  • The number of Tickets currently awaiting an answer.
    • For example, if our site is mentioned in a newspaper or magazine article, or our site is mentioned on radio or television, then the Ticket count (i.e., the number of "new" Tickets) increases greatly. This tends to be the primary reason we cannot answer all Tickets in a timely manner. 
  • The number of volunteer technicians who are working on the site at any moment in time.
  • The complexity of the problem or question.
  • The amount of research that may be necessary by a technician before the Ticket is acted upon. 
Please remember that we offer a free service and that we are a not-for-profit organization. All of our technicians volunteer their time and they are not compensated in any way for their time.

  How do I upload a file to my question?

The steps below will help you upload a file to your ticket.
  1. Login to your client account 
  2. Go to your "Homepage".
  3. Select the "Open Tickets" (near the middle of the page).
  4. Click the Number of the ticket.
  5. Scroll down to the end of the page and you'll find a section called "Attachment" and a Browse box to the right of it.
  6. Click the Browse button and then select the file you want to upload to your ticket.
  7. Enter a short description in the field below the browse button so that it is clear what you're sending us. (Note: Please do not exceed 8.0 MB size.)
  8. Click the "UPLOAD" button and your file will be added to your ticket in a minute or two. Larger files can vary depending on the size of the file.
  9. Your Technician will be in contact with you shortly regarding your attachment.

  How do I find my system information to add to my ticket?

The page at:

This Link.

gives many good ponters and  procedures on how to find this information on how to find this information for Windows, Linux, and Mac systems

  How do I reply to my Technician?

The most direct way is to click the "Reply Link" in the E-Mailed reply. Alternatively you may:
  1. Log in to your account and go to your Homepage.
  2. Go to your "Homepage".
  3. Select the "Open Tickets" (near the middle of the page).
  4. Click the Number of the ticket.
  5. You will now see a list of your open questions. Find the question in that list and click the title.
Another method is to look under "ASK A QUESTION" on the top menu bar and you will see if a "Reply is needed" on a ticket.

  How do I rate my Technician?

  1. Login to your Client Account.
  2. Go to your "Homepage". Look for "Answered / Closed Questions" from where you can rate your Technician. It will be under a column labeled "Rate Tech?" under which you can select "Yes" or "No"
  3. You will see: Yes / No.
  4. From here choose to rate by clicking "Yes" or to Not to rate by clicking "No", you can also check if you've rated your Technician already.

    Go to the page immediately by Clicking this link.
NOTE: If Yes / No is not available holding your mouse over the entry in that column will tell you the question's rating status.

  My question has been answered. How do I close my ticket?

If you found a solution to your problem, here's how to close your ticket.
  1. Login to your Client account.
  2. Go to your "Homepage".
  3. Select the "Open Ticket" (near the middle of the page).
  4. Click the Number of the ticket.
  5. Scroll down to the end of the page and select "Mark as Complete"
    • Or, you may use the link at the bottom of your Technicians reply.
Either way will close your ticket and you'll be able to "Rate your Technician"

  How do I ask a question?

Here again is how to ask your question. (If you already have an account, you will not have to make a new account):
  1. Go to and login with your username and password. (If you do not have an account please set one up.) Register an account with
  2. Click the "Ask a question" link on the top menu OR the "?" button. On this page, do the three main steps and then continue with the rest of the steps.
    1. [Step 1] Select the computer with which you're having problem. NOTE: There is no default selected EVEN if it is your ONLY computer.
      From there you may "ADD A COMPUTER" or select "OTHER TYPE" (if you are asking a question about a non-registered computer or about something else.
    2. [Step 2] Choose your experience with this type of problem using the drop down menu.
    3. [Step 3] Choose a category by clicking one of the available choices.Title your question with reference to your problem.
  3. Describe your problem in as much detail as possible. Every piece of information will help us resolve your problem quickly.
    1. Tip: Our Technicians like to answer easy to understand questions. Why not select the "CHECK SPELLING" button and spell check your question.
  4. If you have any attachments, screenshots, "HijackThis" logs, etc. please ATTACH THEM since this will help us too.
  5. When you're ready, press the "Send Question" link at the bottom and wait for one of our Technicians to reply.

  What is a Ticket?

A Ticket is what we call a Question (it is a Trouble Ticket). Once you have submitted a question we assign it a number and look it up by that number and its "Title".

You can view your Open Tickets by logging in to your account (on your Homepage).or directly via .

  How do I find a file a Technician has uploaded?

Here are step by step instructions.
  1. Go to and use the top toolbar click "Login".
  2. Enter your login details and click "Login to my account".
  3. You will then be on your Homepage.
  4. Scroll down until you see your ticket under "Open Questions".
  5. Click on the Ticket ID for your ticket.
  6. Scroll down on the ticket and you will see "Uploaded Files". (It is displayed twice on the ticket, before and after the "Questions, Comments, Discussion" section.)
  7. Left click the file name to view it.

  How do I request a new Technician?

If you are not satisfied with the replies you are receiving from your Tech, you can request a new Technician.

Near the reply button on the bottom of your ticket, there is a "Request New Technician" button. Using this button will flag your ticket in the ticket queue as such, and a new Tech will then be able to pick up where the previous Tech left off.

  How do I ZIP (compress) a large file?

In Windows:
  1. Locate the file you wish to compress on your computer.
  2. Right-click on the file that you want to zip. From the pop-up window, select "Send To" and another box will open. Click "Compressed (zipped) Folder". A new folder with a zipper image on it will appear in the same general area (desktop or folder in which the original item was saved). This is your newly compressed folder.
  3. If you would like to add more files into the new compressed file, open up the zipped file folder, find the other items you would like to place in it, then click on the files and drag them into the zip folder. The file will subsequently compress and copy into the folder.
  4. Now that you have all your files into the compressed folder, you can go into your E-Mail  or to your Ticket and attach as you see fit.
  1. Select the file or folder of files you want to compress into a .zip file.
  2. Right-click or hold "Ctrl" and click the file or folder of files you have selected. Choose "Compress" from the pop-up menu. The text in quotes following the word "Compress" shows the name of the file or folder of files you are about to compress. You can also reach the Compress option by clicking "File" in the menu bar and choosing "Compress" from the drop-down menu.
  3. The compressed file is created in the same location as the original file. For example, if the file or folder of files you are compressing is on the desktop, the .zip file also appears on the desktop.
  4. When you compress multiple items at once, the .zip file is given the name "". If you compress a single item, the .zip file is given the name of the single item.

  How to view all correspondence about my question?

For an open ticket:
  1. Login to your account and go to your Homepage.
  2. Scroll down and you should see it and clicking it you should see all the correspondence.
For a Closed ticket:
  1. You can see many of them right below that list. (The number displayed is set via your "Change Site Preferences" under "MY PROTONIC.COM" on the lower left of each page.)
  2. Alternatively you can go to "MY PROTONIC.COM" and select "View ALL My Questions" or "View Previously Asked Questions" (depending on the status of any open question) and you will be able to see a list of all previous questions. From there all you need do is click the title and you can not only see the question but ALL correspondence. You WILL NOT however be able to see any uploaded files. To conserve server space, uploaded files are deleted when a ticket is closed.

  Will you make all questions available in a member accessible Database?

The simple answer is NO. 

At we pride ourselves on personal service and client privacy. Since Clients often offer personal information and because of our credo of personal service, we have no plans to make previous answers able to be searched by others.

You can however search your previous answers:
  • Login to and select "View ALL My Questions" on the bottom Menu under "MY PROTONIC.COM" or under "ASK A QUESTION" on the top menu 
Hope this answers your question.


  What is is an online community that provides FREE Technical support to computer users for free.

All the Technicians are volunteers, and we have been featured in many media publications.

If you have a computer problem - anything from hardware to HTML problems - submit your question to us! You should receive an answer to your question in your E-Mail and through our easy to use Web Interface.

  Why are you free?

For a long time, computer hardware and software manufacturers have provided mediocre support for their own products and charged good money for it. We here at are tired of this sort of treatment. We are committed to providing the very high quality support that major companies should but fail to provide to their customers.

We are free because we enjoy helping people... It is simple as that. We get a great deal of satisfaction in helping our Clients. That is all the reward we need.

  Can I submit my question to you via E-Mail rather than through the web page?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept new questions via E-Mail. Our system is not set up in this manner. The ASK A QUESTION Page: page is the only way to submit a question to our support system.

We do however, answer via E-Mail so a valid working E-Mail address is a must.

  Do you accept donations?

Yes, Please! We have always been and always will be a site offering free support to those who need our service. However, operation of our site does involve some costs for server hosting and bandwidth, domain registration, software maintenance and so on .... This totals several hundred dollars per year. We have to pay it to keep the service in operation. If you would like to help support our work at, please visit our DONATIONS Page: .

  What sort of questions can I ask?

You are perfectly welcome to ask any type of computer-related question that you wish. Our volunteer Technicians can help you with anything from software installation to explaining computing terms.

Though almost nothing is out of bounds, please do not ask questions about illegal (hacking, etc.) or other illegal activities (such as E-Mail harvesting). As a policy protonic,com will not answer these types of questions.

We cannot write entire programs for you. This is far beyond what we can and will do. However, we'll be glad to help you work out programming concepts or give suggestions on perfecting a program you've already written.

  Will you ever start charging money for your services? was founded by people who used to work at a similar site that began to charge its Clients for help. Our founder, Emile Axelrad, felt that he wanted to continue free computer help on the Internet and left the other site to start . Though the site has changed ownership, the new owner shares Emile's commitment to never charge any Client so much as a penny for our service.
  Can I link to you?

By all means, go ahead! As a constantly growing site,  welcomes any and all publicity. For your convenience, we have a number of pre-made banners and buttons that you can use to link to us if you so desire. They can be found Our Linking Page: . Sample HTML code that links directly to our site is found there too.
  Do you have an address for press enquiries?

We certainly do! E-Mail us at our site support address: and a site manager will reply to you ASAP.
  What are the Technical Details of

We are written in entirely hand coded PHP: . We run MySQL: on our database server. Our web hosting is provided by SuperWebHost: . Our seerver is located in LasVegas NV.
  I can't find an answer to my question in this FAQ. What can I do?

You're more than welcome to email us at our site support address: and a Support representative will reply to you ASAP.
  How do I become a Technician volunteer at

We are always in need of new Technicians. Helping is very rewarding.

For more information on how to become a technician here at, please see the link below:

  Do you have a Link Exchange where you can link to my website?

Yes we do. As a constantly growing site and as we rise on search engines, exchanging links with becomes more valuable and more important to us and to other sites.

Check out Link exchange at Our NEW Link Exchange: . If you support us we would LIKE to help support you.

  What are cookies and does use cookies?

A cookie is a unique text file that a website places on your computer that is ONLY able to be read by the website that places it. Cookies are used for data analysis, they enable a web site to tailor information presented to you based on a your browsing on the web site, and allow a plethora of customization for the you the reader. That WILL make your next visit easier and the site more useful to you. Cookies play an important role, without them, using the web will become a very frustrating experience. uses cookies but does not store any personal information in cookies. We only use cookies under circumstances where it is absolutely necessary to enhance your site-experience. protonic.comuses cookies to remember you when the you register for products or services, be brought directly to your ticket when it is required, to remember you when you return, and to track visits to If you do not want to send cookies to your browser, you may set your browser to reject cookies or to notify you when we site try to place cookies in your browser program. The procedure for doing this varies between browsers. Rejecting cookies WILL affect your ability to use a great deal of the features, functions, or services on Cookies are not tied to personally identifiable information and all will be cleared when your browser exits. If, however, you choose to have us remember your login and / or password these WILL remain on your computer for one year.