Top Fair Usage Policy... - "Fair Usage policy"...'s policy towards Fair Usage is that Clients should be able to use the service in an appropriate manner to meet their needs.

A very small number of Clients use an excessive amount of our available Technicians, to the extent that it can impair our ability to help others.'s Fair Usage Policy is designed to provide the most effective service to all Clients.

The fair usage policy will identify the very small number of very heavy users of our service. We will communicate with these Clients to try and establish what is driving the high usage and how individual usage patterns and habits can be modified to the benefit of all. In extreme cases, may be required to apply management techniques to reduce the impact heavy users of our Technician resources have of the service we are able to provide to other Clients.
  • What Level of usage is allowed?
    Only Clients who post tickets well over the average will be affected. The Fair Usage Policy will adversely impact less than 0.5% of our Clients.

  • How do I know if I am likely to be affected by the Fair Usage Policy?
    If you are an average computer user, it is unlikely you will ever be affected by this Fair Usage Policy. On the other hand, if you are a helping others free or for pay, all we ask is that you limit the number of monthly tickets to less than six. If you indeed are being compensated please consider making a donation to us by clicking:

    to help us continue to help you and others.

  • What happens if you are affected by the Fair Usage Policy?"
    If you are among this very small group, we will contact you twice by E-Mail to let you know that your use is affecting other Clients. The E-Mail will be sent to your contact E-Mail address on your account. If your usage still remains excessively high, we will contact you a third time to advise you that we will be reducing your account's access to our site.