We will soon be unavailable to every resident of any country in the European Union!

The European Union has passed the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) than purportedly seeks to "create a harmonized data protection law framework across the EU and aims to give citizens back the control of their personal data, while imposing strict rules on those hosting and ‘processing’ this data, anywhere in the world." This type of legislation is being considered by other countries, and will probably be soon passed throughout the world.

To fully implement the GDPR, we need a FULL Rewrite of our code base that at this time is not possible because of:

* .. the sheer volume of our code
* .. the time it would take to write and test the code
* .. the cost of coding
* .. testing and review to make sure is FULLY GDPR compliant
* .. the lack of volunteers
* .. and the low number of Clients who need help and visit the site

As you know all of us are volunteers... However donations no longer support the cost of hosting and during the past two years, I have had to personally help financially in order to keep the site running. This cost is becoming too much considering the dearth of those needing help... Perhaps Computers are giving people too few problems and people are becoming too computer literate?

Within a few days WILL NOT be able to be reached by Clients from any EU Country and because of soon to be enacted regulations like the GDPR worldwide, I reluctantly plan to close the site completely,

As per the GDPR's requirements, except for presently open tickets from people in the EU, we have been removing personal data from EU residents from our database. On closing we will fully purge any Client identifiable data from our database for ALL of our Clients

NOTE: I am still deciding if I will keep portions of open such as the Newsletter, Glossary, Tips, News, etc. Time will tell. I am also exploring if the full ramifications of the GDPR and we may be able to continue under a different format such a Bulletin Board, one-on-one E-Mail to and from our Technicians, Blog, Opt-In membership, etc.

Again we are very happy that we have been able to do so much good for so many over the past almost twenty years and thank all those who have supported us by "word of mouth" and with their donations.

It has been an honor running and helping all of our cherished Clients with FREE, Volunteer based computer help.

Rick Streeter - Owner, General Manager


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Got a headache with your computer and no budget to fix it...? is here to help. We offer completely free computer support and computer related information online and by E-Mail. Our volunteer Technicians from all over the world enjoy the challenge of solving problems. We are up to date and work as a team. Through Quality Assurance sampling you can be assured we give you our best efforts to remedy your problem and cure that headache!

 What Our Clients Say...

Thank you're the greatest! great response time! good concise info.

" Great group of folks that know what they're doing. "  February 6th, 2019

Thank you very much for clearing up this issue of mine. I sent a reply to your last message but I think I must have sent it as a reply rather than the proper way. please excuse this mistake. verne marsh

" I have been helped tremendously in the past when one could actually get inside the computer and replace parts. the trend now seems to be problem computer ? buy a new one!! thanks and I hope you will still be around when a new problem pops up. "  February 3rd, 2019

Tech found a different way to solve the problem than I had I will use the tech's methods when this issue arises again.

" . recommended your service again today. "  February 2nd, 2019

Gosh that guy paul, he sure knows his stuff. took me about 30 seconds to correct my mess-up. i'm an old grandpa, and he's like a teenager with this computer help. big thanks again to protonic and their techs. jerry  January 22nd, 2019

Right on the money! great! !

" Recommended your service again today. "  January 20th, 2019

Paul went the extra mile.

" Do you make house calls? that's about the only improvement I can think of. "  January 18th, 2019

Jevan's guidance in dealing with my problem was very good, I could not have resolved the issue without assistance.

" Excellent sevice "  January 18th, 2019

Hello paul, thank you for your reply and trying to assist. however, i'm sure there must be a solution to my problem. i've been using virtually the same everything together with 2xexplorer i'm sure for more than 10 years. (i've written to the company to see whether they can assist.) kind regards, graham ~~~~~~

" Hello gentlemen, please make the "link buttons" bigger, and more readily visible, on the various web pages. sometimes I spend half an hour searching for the next link I need to click on. otherwise, I can only say thank you for the assistance i've received from protonic over the years. kind regards, graham ~~~~~~ "  January 13th, 2019

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